Essential to any team of emergency services providers are teams to help provide the necessary logistical support. Our Logistics Branch works hard behind the scenes to keep operations running smoothly.

There are two primary roles for new volunteers in Logistics:

Event Logistics

Once ESD operations begin, our Event Logistics team supports the Emergency Services department by managing meal deliveries, waste stream pickup (recycling, compost, landfill), ice deliveries, supply distribution, and other support-related tasks.

Event Logistics Staff positions are usually crews of two, with each team responsible for supporting half of the city’s ESD footprint.

Courtesy Shuttle

The Courtesy Shuttle team is dedicated to shuttling our injured and under-the-weather and injured participants back to their playa homes after being seen and treated at one of our medical stations. The Courtesy Shuttles operate 24/7, including night shifts.

Volunteering with Logistics

We welcome new volunteers who are excited about working in a support role for Emergency Services.

Field positions: Most of our volunteer positions are Field roles, where you’ll navigate the city in a vehicle (UTV, golf cart, occasionally a truck), delivering supplies and providing support to other Emergency Services teams.

Navigation: our volunteers are constantly moving around the city, often in adverse conditions (whiteouts, pedestrians, art cars). Logistics volunteers should have a good working knowledge of the city layout and a strong sense of direction. For this reason, we do not accept applications from people who have not attended Burning Man before.

Driving: our volunteer opportunities involve driving an official Burning Man vehicle. A valid driver’s license is required, as well as a review of your motor vehicle record.

Independence and Radio Skills: Volunteers in Logistics typically work fairly independently, often in pairs or small teams. Solid radio skills are essential as our team is often distributed around the city.

Physical requirements: volunteer shifts frequently include lifting and carrying loads (meal boxes, bags of recycling).

Want to volunteer? Go to the Burning Man website to participate!

In the application to volunteer with Emergency Services: under “Branch” – select “Other”. Then tell us about why you are excited to join Logistics!