Volunteering with Medical Branch

Unfortunately, not just anyone can work with us on playa. For the most part, our minimum requirements around certification/licensure and professional experience are dictated by the State of Nevada, so we can’t make exceptions even if we want to.
Current required qualifications include the following:

State certification or licensure

The following certifications and licensures are recognized by the State of Nevada for reciprocity to volunteer with us:
  • EMT (basic, intermediate/advanced, or paramedic) – NREMT alone is not acceptable
  • Nurse (LVN or RN)
  • Advanced Practice Provider (NP or PA)
  • Doctor (MD or DO)

Professional Experience

The State of Nevada requires that anyone volunteering with us who holds an NV license or cert have been actively practicing in their field for one year.
The one-year requirement also applies to EMTs who are certified in an EMS compact state.
For anyone licensed outside of Nevada (or outside the EMS compact states for EMTs), the requirement to receive reciprocity is three years of current and active practice, specifically the three years leading up to the time you apply to volunteer with us. This means that if you’ve been working as an RN for 25 years but retired in 2023, we aren’t able to use you in a patient care role on playa.

Unencumbered Cert or License

The State of Nevada won’t allow anyone who has had their license suspended or revoked in the last five years to volunteer with ESD. They will sometimes reject volunteers with less significant actions against their license at their discretion.

Non-Medical Volunteer Roles

We have a limited number of shifts open to those interested in working in our medical clinic who lack the required licensure or experience. These volunteers (Greeters) are instrumental in keeping our med stations organized and running smoothly.