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Our dispatchers and communications technicians come from a variety of skill-sets and backgrounds. Some are military-trained, former taxi-dispatchers, amateur radio operators who have worked special events for years and a few are even professional and ex-dispatchers from a variety of agencies.iNet

When interviewing people for our dispatcher positions, we prefer people to have both playa and real world experience, but we can deal with just one or the other. Knowledge and a basic understanding of how 2-way radio systems function is highly recommended.

On the other hand, people interesting in volunteering with our radio/tech group NEED real world experience and playa experience is preferred.

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Tour of ESD Dispatch

Here’s a little video about volunteering with our communications branch.

Communications (Comm) Team FAQs

Question: Do Comm volunteers have to wear uniforms? 

Answer: Yes, we wear uniforms. We work closely with Law Enforcement and we expect you to look and act professionally.

Question: Where is Comm located?

Answer: We reside in a set of buildings located outside the city perimeter, providing for a unique look at the event. We know where everything is, and we know what everyone says!