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Our dispatchers and communications technicians come from a variety of skill sets and backgrounds. Some are military-trained, former taxi dispatchers, amateur radio operators who have worked special events for years, and a few are even professional and ex-dispatchers from a variety of agencies.iNet

When interviewing people for our dispatcher positions, we prefer people to have both playa and real-world experience, but we can deal with just one or the other. Knowledge and a basic understanding of how 2-way radio systems function is highly recommended.

On the other hand, people interested in volunteering with our radio/tech group NEED real-world experience, and playa experience is preferred.

Communications (Comm) Team FAQs

Question: Do Comm volunteers have to wear uniforms? 

Answer: Yes, we wear uniforms. We work closely with Law Enforcement and we expect you to look and act professionally.

Question: Where is Comm located?

Answer: We reside in a set of buildings located outside the city perimeter, providing a unique look at the event. We know where everything is, and we know what everyone says!