Greetings prospective volunteer! Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Burning Man’s Emergency Services Department. ESD provides Communications, Firefighting, Medical, and Mental Health capabilities to the Burning Man event. We accept volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. Each branch of ESD has its own requirements for appropriate background, certifications, training and experience. Please read through this guide on volunteering with ESD before contacting us with any questions. If you still have any questions or concerns, you can use the contact form to reach any of our branches.

Basic Volunteer Requirements

• Have a Burner Profile and Volunteer Questionnaire on file with Burning Man (http://profiles.burningman.com/participate/)

• Certification of completion of Incident Command System courses ICS-100  and ICS-700. If you will be working in any field or leadership capacity you will also need ICS-200. This is required for understanding basic emergency operations at Burning Man.

  • A current CPR/AED card. This must be an in-person class, even if you’re working a desk job for us. And even if you’re a doc. We all need to be ready, available, and able to perform CPR and fire up an AED. Online courses or watching someone else pump on a chest are not adequate substitutes for hands-on training.