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Daily Leadership Meeting

 We are the stewards of public safety at Burning Man, providing fire safety services, medical care, communication platforms, and crisis intervention in Black Rock City.

Burning the Man- want a front-row seat?

Burning Man is a fascinating place and fun as hell but Murphy’s Law, right? Things can go terribly wrong and the Emergency Services Department (ESD) is on it, 24/7, to help. We provide care for the ill and injured, stage our fire crews at the burns as well as respond to unplanned fires and hazardous materials calls for help, dispatch emergency resources, and support folks when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Participation is the ninth Burning Man Principle and volunteering for ESD is an awesome way to give back to the Burning Man community. Interested? This site provides information about what you’ll need to do to join our ridiculously awesome team.

Watch this Love Project video about why working with us is a wondrous thing!