We are the stewards of public safety at Burning Man, providing fire safety services, medical care, and crisis intervention in Black Rock City as well as the radio, paging and dispatching necessary to provide for optimum communication platforms for those working and volunteering in this very austere environment. Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 17.29.46

Our Core Values

Integrity )*( Commitment )*( Communication )*( Support

ESD established its core values more than a decade ago in order to help guide our direction and decisions.  These values are the construct from which we operate in our interactions with one another, when researching, planning, and developing implementation strategies, and most importantly, in how we provide care and service to Black Rock City.


Being Safe:

Safety is usually second nature, but  sometimes it ends up as an afterthought.  There are times when a situation or illness gets beyond a person’s control and they need to be able to call on their friends and community to provide help.  ESD is made up of such friends.  Friends you didn’t even know you had.  We are members of the community, serving the community in times of need.