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esd-ops First Time Login Walk Through

Executive Summary: to logon to esd-ops, the ESD Operations site, go to,

  1. Click on “Lost your password?”,
  2. Enter the email address that you registered on ShiftBoard,
  3. Check your email, including your spam folders, for an email from “WordPress” with the subject “[ESD Operations] Password Reset“.  Get both your username, in the form of FirstName.LastName and then click on the web site address at the bottom of the email.
  4. Enter your new password. WordPress will require a password with at least medium strength.
  5. You will be told if your password is accepted. If accepted, you will then need to log in to esd-ops again.
  6. Explore esd-ops by logging in with your user name (not your email address) from step 3 and your new password.

You may also be interested in the last paragraph on this web page that tells of the areas of the site that you may be interested in.

The Guided Tour With Pictures and Simple English

So you want access to esd-ops, the ESD Operations web site? The site with everything that you wanted to ask about how ESD operates but were afraid to ask?

1) You have arrived here as you have received email from either your branch’s VC (Volunteer Coordinator) or a listserve that said you should access the esd-ops site.

2) To access this site you will need the address that you used to create your Burner Profile on the Burning Man website (which, coincidentally, will also be the email you use when accessing the Burning Man’s ShiftBoard site.) Hint: the address on the email that you received from your VC or list-serve is probably the address that is in your Burner Profile and in Shiftboard and will be the email you use to gain access to esd-ops.

3) Clicking on, the esd-ops web site, brings up (click to enlarge the screen shot):Login-01

4) Click on “Lost your password?” shown by the yellow arrow below (click to enlarge the screen shot):Login-02
5) Which brings up (click to enlarge the screen shot):
6) Enter the email address you have registered with Shiftboard and click on the blue “Get New Password” button shown above. The next screen you will see is shown below (click to enlarge the screen shot):
7) Check your email. Depending upon your email provider, it may take a couple of minutes for an email with the subject “[ESD Operations] Password Reset” to arrive. If it has not arrived after five minutes, check your spam folder. When the email does arrive, open it.

There are two important pieces of information you will need to proceed. First, the username which is in the form of FirstName.Lastname , yes there is a period between the first and last name and there are no spaces. For example, that guy that goes up in flame each year would have the username Burning.Man – remember your user name as will need it in step 11.

Second, the last lines of the email will be similar to:


8) Click on the last line of the email. If the last line is not clickable, copy everything between the < and > and paste it into your web browser’s address window. In the case above, you would copy and paste:

into your browser’s address bar. The next window you will see will look similar to (click to enlarge the screen shot):Login-05
9) Enter your new to you password twice to assure the password is correct. You should construct a password that is at least medium strength. When the two passwords agree, click on the blue “Reset Password” button. The next window will look like (click to enlarge the screen shot):Login-06
10) Click on the blue “Log In” in the white box which brings up (click to enlarge the screen shot):Login-07
11) Enter the username (not your email address) from step 7 (remember it is in the form of FirstName.LastName – complete with a dot and no spaces), the password you just created, and click on the blue “Log In” button. The next screen you should see should be similar to (click to enlarge the screen shot):Login-08
You will probably be interested in three, or possibly four, tabs:

  1.  ESD that has information about esd-ops site, Kate’s (well, usually…. but other chiefs as well!)  blog for everything ESD, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that pertain to all of ESD, and information on signing up for shifts and Shiftboard.
  2. Your branch’s tab that has a structure similar to ESD’s page: information pertinent only to your branch, your branch’s training and operations documentation listed under Documentation, your branch’s FAQs, and your branch’s forum where you may ask questions and hopefully get back pertinent answers if you ask a good question.
  3. The Dust Pen tab, though under construction, is the social side of esd-ops. Think of it as being our version of Facebook but not being subject to Facebook’s Big Brother policies and behind high walls so what goes on out on the playa stays out on the playa.
  4. Camps. If you are interested in camping with one of the six, count’em six, ESD Camps, here is where you will find information on your options. Some camps may make little use of this web site while other camps will be running their camps from this web site.