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ESD Camps

Camp 3 aka Fire Camp

Camp 3 is located directly behind the ESD Medical Station 3.  Fire Camp is the main fire station for Burning Man. Camping is open to all ESD volunteers but typically fills up fast once opened. Fire Camp sports a fantastic group of residents, a delicious meal plan, a shower, communal hangout areas, and lots of themed activities throughout the week.

Camp 9 (Organized)

Camp 9 is located directly behind the ESD Medical Station.  Camping is open to all ESD volunteers. Camp amenities include a food plan (you pay a fee and get fed a gourmet playa fare), a shade/bar area with tables and chairs, some power for recharging your devices, limited trash/recycling (as this is primarily for the kitchen) and a shower (one, limited use/water supply), and lots of themed activities and parties.

Camp 9 (Open)

Open Camp 9 is located on “the back forty” of ESD Station 9’s organized camping area… technically around 9:10.  This is bottom of the barrel, no-frills, no amenities camping (except for a small amount of power to charge up your stuff with and have some nice lights and music at night).  No meals (unless you want to cook enough to share), no shower (unless you want to build one), no official camp layout (tents and RV’s however you feel like, with some minor caveats).  If you don’t bring it, they probably don’t have it. Good people who just want to make a home without a lot of structure or responsibilities outside of cleaning up after themselves.  Sometimes they freely collaborate on dinners, a board game could pop up out of nowhere, they may throw a bar up next to the road and serve to those coming by.  It’s whatever you want, or nothing you want.

Camp 73

Camp 73 is located near the 7:30 plaza (7:30 and G) and is hosted by the Communications Branch. “Comm Camp” (affectionately known as CommUnism) is designed to be another low-frills option for ESD volunteers of any branch.  Since there are low frills, the campers’ only responsibility is to take care of themselves and their camping space and to keep the common area free of MOOP.

What they offer: Space for you to camp in RVs, cars, or tents, toilets, and sometimes some WiFi.

What they do NOT have: Kitchen/meal plan, sink/grey water, power for your trailer, potable water, showers, trash receptacles, recycling receptacles, camp dues, or MOOP.

Rebel Camp

What happens when the Fire Camp is bursting at the seams and we need a place to put more people? A Rebel Camp is formed! Rebel camp charges a fee similar to the other supported camps, has a gourmet meal plan, a shade/bar area, some power for recharging your devices, and a showering spot.

The ‘Burbs

The ‘Burbs, typically located near Camp 3, were organically formed in 2013 when a few of the people arriving pre-event to help with set up got together and set up camp just before the rainstorm. More people came, hippie fishing ensued, and a camp was born. There are no amenities except some shade, but this camp grows in a creative and organic way every year and is filled with lots of good people. You can camp anywhere in the large space that suits your fancy.

Want to volunteer? Go to the Burning Man website to participate!