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Shiftboard Help

Below are some down and dirty details about Shiftboard, but if you’re an established volunteer with ESD, head on over to That’s where the *real* and current info about all things ESD can be found.

Question: How do I find my Shiftboard password?

Answer: Click on the Send Reminder link on the Shiftboard site

Question: How do I know which type of shift to pick?

Answer: You will be assigned shifts to choose from based on your playa and default work experience. Click on your Teams tab and then click Roles on the right. Your assigned roles will be listed there. You can then choose those roles in the Calendar

Question: I see roles I’d like to fill. Why aren’t they available to me?

Answer: The roles you’ve been assigned are particular to your experience on playa and off. For instance, a paramedic or EMT works in the field and uses a radio as a part of their role in the default world. Therefore, they are assigned to our field units. If we have trouble filling our field shifts, we may ad this role to one of our seasoned ESD clinical volunteers, but only if they can show they are proficient on the radio and able to maintain situational awareness in the field

Question: How can I see who will be working with me on a shift?

Answer: Change your view to Shared view (upper right). You can also see the Sign Up view to see which shifts are available for sign up, or the Shift view. Try clicking on the Week or Day links in the upper left to see more detailed information too.

Question: Can I print my schedule?

Answer: Yes! Click on My Schedule and you’ll see your shifts and the ability to print your schedule

Question: I can’t do a particular shift. Can I cancel it?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel a shift. Click on the shift you have signed up for, then click the “Unconfirm” link . We will disable this functionality in August in order to maintain some order in the scheduling chaos, but between May and August you are free to cancel shifts you aren’t able to fill.

Question: I’m trying to update my license and CPR card in Shiftboard but after each upload I still see my old licenses. What do I do?

Answer: IF you know how, clear your cookies cache. Otherwise, open Shiftboard in a new browser. This should your problem.